postheadericon Portable Icons Techniques

           My icons are made using traditional Byzantine  technique of the egg-tempera, over a piece of wood

          prepared in the traditional way, the saint or the composition are drawn and the gold plating follows

          with 23 carats gold in sheets, glued or polished and subsequently, the painting with earthen

          colours, dissolved with egg yolk, water and vinegar.

          Finishing with the polishing of the icon. The polish is made of resins, mat or polished.


         Water gilding techniqe is the application of gold leaves onto a flat or embossed surface,after this has

           been first treated with special materials and tools in order to create a smooth underlay with "bollo".
         Then, using specially processed agate stone, we accomplish the proper abrasion (glazing) as well as
         homogeneity of the golden surface, thus providing a flawless aesthetic result, in which gold is
         transformed into the perfect “mirror.” The careful selection, the proper analogies and the right
         mixture of the materials, the studied application as well as their procession on the wood and gold,
         along with our long experience in the gilding with agate stone, serve as a guarantee for the perfect
         application and radiance of gold that will stand the test of time.

         Place the cursor on an image and use the mouse roll in order to zoom in and observe the detail in

         which we manufacture the glaze-gilded icons.

           The art of Tsukaniko

         Tsukaniko is the technique by which we engrave shapes, letters and generally various patterns on the

         polished gold, the work takes another form and greater value.


                          panagia  glikofiloysa toy nton               xristos stilvoto              panagia glikofiloysa vladimir

                                     gilded icon                                                 gilded icon                                 Virgin Glykofhilousa Nton


                           agios nektarios                 agia triada toy roybliof             panagia glikofiloysa

                                                                                                         Holy Trinity